Basic Business Consulting

Business and Personal Tax Consulting
Decrease Your Expenses
Protect Your Assets
Protect Your Business and Personal Life
Individual Consulting Sessions And Tailor-Made Assistance:
  • How To Develop And Manage Multiple Income Streams
  • How To Select Your Ideal Business To Bring You Elegant Income 
  • ​​How To Structure Your Business(s) For The Greatest Safety & Privacy
  • ​How To Invest In International Real Estate
  • ​How To Properly Organize Your Business Records And Select The Proper Accounting Software
  • ​How To Save, Invest And Protect Your Business And Personal Assets Like The Wealthy 
  • ​How To Maximize Business Deductions And Pay The Least Amount Of Taxes
  • ​How To Become A Strategic Thinker
  • ​How To Determine The Best Use Of Your Business Resources And Time
  • Includes Sherry Peel Jackson’s Financial Books (2)
  • Includes An In-Person Private Consultation*
  • Includes Help Writing A Book
  • ​Includes Help Learning To Sell Online
  • ​Includes Help Starting And Growing Your Business Including Entity Type & Appropriate Location
  • ​Includes Incorporation Of Your Business or Non-Profit Application Completion
  • ​Includes A Live Video – All Day Intensive 4-Part Recorded Video Class
  • ​Includes Constant research on the area that will keep your business profitable
Includes PDF's:
  • IRS Initial Interview Questions And Methods To Detect Unreported Income
  • The Importance Of Having A Business
  • Being Self-Employed VS. Having A Business
  • ​Questions To Design Your Future
  • ​Seven Great Wealth Lessons
  • ​The In’s And Out’s Of An IRS Audit
  • ​Tax Deductions For Businesses And Individuals

"Just want to say thank you for your help and advice. Because of you I was able to turn the tables just a little. Went from IRS saying I owe $3,800 to $0. Thank you so much.. I hope Nashville will be one of your next places to do a seminar. Thanks again"

B. Russell

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(All consulting sessions are
tailor-made for you and your situation)

“Ms. Sherry, I started deep thinking and answering your probing questions and thinking up some plans of action. It was like a chain was breaking and I was being lifted up in the air. These plans are working on me already. Thank you so much.” 

Matthew Lusk
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